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2 complimentary guest passes on joining

Personalised OUT/SET assessment and programme

1 Natural Fitness Food meal or shake

25% OFF your first spa treatment or massage

5% OFF on-going spa treatment or massage at our Canary Wharf Spa

15% OFF The Pearson Room (T&C’s apply)


Membership rates are per person per month

When you join a Third Space Club you can select the best joining option for you, whether that’s a Joining Fee or Personal Training package. To find out what will suit you best contact us here and our membership team will get in touch.


Group Membership £205
Individual £175
Joint/Couple £170

Canary Wharf

Group Membership £205
Individual £170
Joint/Couple £165


Full Membership £205
Joint/Couple £190


Group Membership £205
Individual £180
Joint/Couple £175

Tower Bridge

Group Membership £205
Individual £165
Joint/Couple £160


Group Membership £205
Individual £175
Little Space 0-3 years £20
Little Space 3-11 years £50


Joining Fee package costs £100 and includes 2 x 1 hour sessions with a Trainer.
Group membership includes full access to; City, Canary Wharf, Tower Bridge, Soho, Marylebone and Islington on opening.
All membership rates are reviewed annually in January.