Jonathan Codling

Physiotherapist to Premier League football and Olympic athletes.

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MSc Physiotherapy
Research in screening for prevention of injuries in professional rugby and the effects of Pilates exercises on low back pain
Chartered Physiotherapist
HPC registered


Jonathan graduated from his Master’s degree in physiotherapy in 2012. His passion for physiotherapy stems from a successful sporting career in field hockey where he competed to international level. Regular training and many injuries highlighted the need for specific tailored rehabilitation and injury management. Through both his Undergraduate and Masters qualifications, Jonathan has gained a background in patient screening to reduce injury risk in professional sport and the management of low back pain.

Jonathan has worked extensively within professional sport and in both the private and NHS sector. Career highlights include working with Premier League football and rugby clubs whilst also helping Olympic athletes achieve their dreams of competing at London 2012.

Jonathan’s main interests lie with running, cycling, shoulder, spinal and lower limb injuries, with focus on advanced rehabilitation and returning patients to their goals or sporting activities.
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