Dr Eric Asher

Medical Director and GP specialising in Homeopathy.

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GMC reg 4377391
Assoc Member BMAS


Dr Asher is an international teacher for the Faculty of Homeopathy and is on its specialist register. He has taught medical diagnosis and homeopathy both in the UK and abroad.

As Medical Director and GP of  Third Space Medical, Eric coordinates medical care and ensures the most appropriate treatment is provided.

He is also the clinical governance lead for Third Space Medical and ensures clinical note keeping of the practice remains at its continuing high quality, ensuring Care Quality Commission accreditation, the gold standard in medical care certification.

Allergy testing and homeopathic desensitisation, where appropriate, are an integral part of his medical care. During a typical half hour interview, a careful medical history and physical examination allow for the selection of the most clinically appropriate strategies for diagnosis and treatment.

Naturally, longer appointments are readily available for more complex or sensitive issue. By looking at the case simultaneously from Chinese and Western perspectives, both from orthodox and from the complementary medicine viewpoints, doctors are more likely to arrive at the correct formulation of the case than by using one modality alone.

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