We are committed to making the Third Space digital offering truly best-in-class and are regularly releasing new features and updates. Use below to help troubleshoot frequently asked questions.

Ensure your app is updated to the latest version to get the best experience. You can check this by going to your app store, searching ‘Third Space’

I can’t login to the app

Ensure you membership is active, if you are not a member, or have cancelled your membership, you won’t be able to access the app.

Email or Password not recognised: Reset your password here

App Crashes: Delete the app and re-install the latest version

Other: Hard close the app (swiping it away) three times and try again

If you still have problems, contact us and we will resolve this for you.


I reset my password but never received an email

It can take a few minutes for the reset password email to come through. Double-check you entered your email address correctly and then check your junk inbox just in case it went to that mailbox. If you are still not able to reset your password and access the app, contact us and we can reset your account for you.

Where Can I find the virtual classes?

Go to the normal class timetable, ensure your club filter is set to ‘Virtual’ in the bottom left and you should see the classes. Book on and join the class by going to My Bookings just before the class starts.

How do i join a virtual class?

Head to the My Bookings section of the app just before the class starts. Click on your booking. 5-minutes before the class starts a link will appear in the image to join the class. The link will only be active for the duration of the class.

What about the instagram live classes?

Don’t worry, we are keeping all our IGTV content here for non-members to enjoy as well as posting content on our Youtube Channel and to this space.

How can I view a virtual class on my tv?

Connect your phone to your tv with and HDMI cable for the ultimate home workout experience. Alternatively use a screen casting app, or native screen sharing capability on your phone.

Why haven’t you saved a class on igtv?

Our trainers try to save every workout, but sometimes poor internet connection or music rights issues prevent us from saving it. Our app has an extensive library of workouts for you to try though and we have 150+ classes saved on IGTV, free for you to go back to.

Can non-members use the Third Space app?

For now, the Third Space app is only available to members. To join or for move information about joining contact the team here.

How can i book an online pt session?

Contact our PT team here and they will get back in touch to book you onto an online training session.

If you have any other questions regarding the updates, please contact us.